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Sustainable change for as little as $10

Creci is already enabling small businesses to make a huge, measurable impact in communities. With your help, we can to do much, much more!

Soon, we will make it possible for US investors to financially support small businesses and entrepreneurs in Latin America and the United States with as little as a $10 investment. Your investment will receive a very competitive fixed return and help businesses make a positive impact in our communities!

Pre-register and we’ll notify you when the platform is ready, you can be amongst the first people to invest in helping us change the world!

U.S.investors only

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These Creci clients are already making a significant impact

Become an impact investor to help them and others grow

Enables digital inclusion, financial stability and well-being for shopkeepers.

Generates decent employment for indigenous people, artisans and braiders.

Our current clients contribute to 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Connects investment with agricultural projects, providing assistance, structuring and monitoring for fair commercialization.

Supports people suffering from addiction through healthy habits and treatment.

400 people have received services to improve well-being and financial stability.

How it works

Business Model

Join us to receive financial and social returns

As a Creci impact investor, you have the power to help us support small and medium social enterprises chaging the world in a meaningful way.

Pre-register now to invest with purpose and help us create lasting change in our society. We will notify you when the platform is ready.